* 12 Days of Art Therapy: DAY FOUR *

Instead of creating visual art for this day, I ended up writing a personal letter to express my feelings. It ended up being too personal for me to share on this blog, but I wanted to post about it.

This project is turning out to be a little bit beyond art therapy, as I am encompassing a variety of different ways to process through my feelings. I'm sharing with hopes that if anyone else is feeling overwhelmed, that they might use these kinds of little projects to feel heard.

In light of recent tragedies in America, it is important more than ever to make sure we take care of ourselves. Bottled up feelings end up coming out sideways, and everyone needs a safe way to express their emotions.

My love and prayers go out to all families affected by loss this holiday season.

* 12 days of Art Therapy *

Instead of 12 days of Christmas, I'm doing 12 days of art therapy as I process through some personal emotional shifting. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to have so many feelings rush through your body and try to function as a "normal" human being at work and in your community. Art helps me let go of some of my emotions when I don't know what else to do.


I didn't have many art supplies around, so I used this styrofoam block, a sharpie, and some scissors. I love that art can be made from so little.

* Let it SNOW *

It's strange to spend my first winter without snow in California. So to help me feel more at home, here are some shots of snow:

image sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

* Sick *

I have been out this past week and a half with an unfortunate sickness/infection that has left me unable to move freely and do normal things while I recover. I plan to get back into posting as soon as I feel a little better. Thanks for your patience!

* Pinterest Love *

If you haven't checked it out already, I am pinterest-ing all over the place. Here's some sample style pins of mine. Check out the rest!

* Inspired: Gabriel Moreno *

I love ink drawings, especially when mixed with watercolor. These from Gabriel Moreno are really awesome. I love his compositions and selective use of color.

* Cute Things: Tiffany Wallet *

I came upon this Tiffany & Co. wallet on pinterest, and just thought it was so cute. Pricey, but very cute. I love the idea of everything in one place.

* Fashion Inspiration: Nadja Seale *

I stumbled upon Nadja on lookbook and was really drawn to her style. She has this great mix of feminine, hippie, and vintage with some more masculine/punk details that balance each other out well and creates a wonderfully romantic and unique look. I'd love to be able to pull off these looks so well.

* My travels: ITALY *

 Here are a couple of shots I took from my time in Murano and Burano Italy. I love the colors in the pictures.

* Inspired: Michael Carson Paintings *

Just some inspiring paintings from artist Michael Carson. He has an interesting approach to how he focuses the eye with his textures and brush strokes. I especially like the way some of his images feel like they are melting and unfinished, adding an element of emotional mystery.

* Extraordinary Bodies *

Some of my favorite photographs are of a dancer's body. Photographer Bertil Nilsson collaborates with dancers and circus artists. His compositions are really beautiful, capturing the strength and grace innately found in a dancer's body. I also really enjoy the subtle color palette.