* Inspired: Gabriel Moreno *

I love ink drawings, especially when mixed with watercolor. These from Gabriel Moreno are really awesome. I love his compositions and selective use of color.

* Cute Things: Tiffany Wallet *

I came upon this Tiffany & Co. wallet on pinterest, and just thought it was so cute. Pricey, but very cute. I love the idea of everything in one place.

* Fashion Inspiration: Nadja Seale *

I stumbled upon Nadja on lookbook and was really drawn to her style. She has this great mix of feminine, hippie, and vintage with some more masculine/punk details that balance each other out well and creates a wonderfully romantic and unique look. I'd love to be able to pull off these looks so well.

* My travels: ITALY *

 Here are a couple of shots I took from my time in Murano and Burano Italy. I love the colors in the pictures.

* Inspired: Michael Carson Paintings *

Just some inspiring paintings from artist Michael Carson. He has an interesting approach to how he focuses the eye with his textures and brush strokes. I especially like the way some of his images feel like they are melting and unfinished, adding an element of emotional mystery.

* Extraordinary Bodies *

Some of my favorite photographs are of a dancer's body. Photographer Bertil Nilsson collaborates with dancers and circus artists. His compositions are really beautiful, capturing the strength and grace innately found in a dancer's body. I also really enjoy the subtle color palette.